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The Learning Curve

A few weeks into my tenure with CPA Nation I have already learned a wealth of knowledge from the great team here.  These tips apply to both AMs at other networks and Affiliates alike, so please dive in and take what you can:

Retargeting cookies should expire after 48 hours and ads should be labelled, says trade body

There should be a 48 hour limit on cookies used to send adverts to recent website visitors who left without making a purchase, trade body the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has said.

Twitchy Nikki

Nikki Cast

Moving to New York City I made my mark in the world of fashion. Starting at New York models as a Booker/ Image developer I soon ventured into freelance Styling.  I was fortunate enough to have worked with the industries top magazines, designers and eventually television, I felt I met a crossing point. A new [...]

An Affiliate Application – getting to the truth.

Too many times affiliates don’t even know what they are doing is illegal.  it’s not that they want to commit fraud – they just really don’t know any better. [12:26] Pending Affiliate: I currently around more 10k email address used for marketing evrerdays [12:26] Iain: how did you build the list? [12:26] Pending Affiliate: ok [...]

Selling DataFeed


Everyone is out for the maximum payout on the minimum amount of work.  I love this offer, when I have a quality affiliate that  has the ability to do 200-500 leads a day on a zip submit.  But these offers are limited and the quality affiliate is as well, which is what pushed me into [...]

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