Screening Affiliates 101

Screening Affiliates Before they Start is Important

The world of managing affiliates is highly complex.  While the entire business is run on mathematical metrics, the entire business is driven by relationship skills.  We live in a market where it is very easy to hide behind computers and forget that there is a real person reading the email we are about to send.  Because of this Affiliate Marketing attracts a certain type of person.  A type that likes to eliminate complexities, automate processes and make deals quickly based on trust that the person on the other end of the communication is being 100% honest.  This is where one of our biggest downfalls is as well.  The business is quick and easy – but all too often fraudulent affiliates take advantage of our trusting nature.  This is why doing your homework upfront will not only eliminate much of the hassle of solving problems down the road but also make for longer lasting campaigns.  Here is most of’s preliminary process for approving an affiliate into our network (we have to leave out a few so that potential fraudsters can’t beat the system – if you really want them send me an email to and I will gladly give them if you pass the test.)  I suggest you incorporate this process into your affiliate approval process:

Before even getting on the phone with the applicant:                                                                                    Pass(Y/N)                Comments/Notes:

  1. Do IP addresses match?
  2. How is there overall website (everything working and updated?)
  3. Affiliate network or Affiliate Marketer?
  4. Contact info real? (check google and social networks.)
  5. Are there legit comments and site updates?
  6. Is address legitimate (no po box, zip real and match state, etc.)
  7. Aim/skype?
  8. Can you find them via google?
  9. Check to make sure they have not been blacklisted.

If they pass the test then we contact – if not we deny on the spot.

  1. Call the phone number they provide us.  Must have a working number, voicemail and must be able to give a second number that works.
  1. How did they find us?  Get a real answer – does the answer match their application .  Trade show- which one?  Search engine – google, yahoo, keywords, forum?  Person – who?
  2. Which networks do they currently work with? Why are they shopping for other networks?
  3. Verify their mailing address with application, website, 3rd party source.
  4. How will they be promoting our offers?
    1. POP/Banner – Ask them to email us a list of all websites they promote banner on.  Ask them how they drive traffic to the banner site. Get screenshots.
    2. Email – How many email addresses on their list?  What domains are you inboxing? What software do they use? What country are they sending mail from? How do you get your data? Single or double opt in?
    3. Which verticals work best for them?  I.E. Education, financial, beauty, biz opp., lead gen? Why? Get specific impressions, clicks, offers, payouts and client conversion rates if lead or continuity offer. To the metrics match our internal conversion projections worksheet.
    4. Search (PPC)/Contextual  - Ask them which search engines they use.  Get a live sample of the search term. Which search engines do they utilize? How do they send traffic: directly to offers or an intermediary page?
    5. Social (which sites)?
    6. Other?
  1. What offers do they currently run and have success with?  Get links, volume and what they are getting paid. (all this info will help you find offers that are relevant for them.)
  2. Get W9 & Make sure their tax ID number matches the one they provided. Do not release payment until this is received.
  3. If something seems sneaky – do not approve them.
  4. Have a manager review and approve.

Relationships 101

brook whitmore builds relationships

We’ve all heard it a million times before but it’s true. Relationships matter! Here’s three things you can do to amp up your relationships with your pubs and advertisers.

  • Instead of sending that email take the extra minute and make it a phone call. People respond to direct or semi-direct contact and will be more likely to listen to you therefore more likely to work with you!
  • Make an attempt to meet in person. I can’t begin to tell you how much this can do for a business relationship. Take that new client out to lunch, meet them for a drink, or over to the office for a coffee on a Friday morning. Make them feel like they are part of the family!
  • Be responsive, honest, and keep expectations realistic. The more honest you are the more trust you will gain, the more trust you gain the more people will really want to work with you. Don’t set lofty expectations and then fall flat, this can turn into a gnarly cycle that isn’t healthy or productive for either side. Finally, don’t hide if you don’t have good news! We would all rather be well informed and a little bummed then confused and in the dark.

Try implementing these points into your daily routine and you will see that your relationships improve and people will really actually want to work with you!

“If It Works, Find More Like It”

Affiliate Traffic Statistics

When in search for new affiliates we all have our methods and our trial and error situations.  If we go back to the steps taken in order to initially approve our affiliate, we are able to use those resources with great success

Quantcast , is a site qualifying page that allows the public to view daily traffic . A summary break down is provided ranging with categories as specific as location, gender and age range. For every legit  website imputed you are able to gain knowledge of the audiences most commonly viewed related sites.   This information allows you to  find additional sites, communities and possible high traffic, high quality affiliates.

Relationships 102 “Get on the phone!”

brook is the purple one

I can’t say enough about the importance and value of a single phone call. These days it is easy to get trapped in your inbox or on AIM all day and forget that your phone even exists. Your phone is your friend!

I am inherently more responsive to phone calls. Email and AIM are great ways to exchange information but really terrible ways to develop a relationship. When beginning a relationship with a new client take that extra moment and schedule a time to talk. It  turns you into more of a person, you are no longer just another email address. When a client associates a friendly and assertive voice with your account they will remember you and will be more motivated to get things done for you. A phone call is also the basis for beginning  the other elements of a quality relationship.

Try shutting down your inbox after your first hour in the office and spend the rest of your day using the phone. Magic will happen. I promise. Heck, your clients may even start to like you!

Winning the Loyalty of your Partners, Clients and Affiliates

Lotalty DNA

When I first started writing this article I was thinking about all of the affiliates I’ve worked with over the last 10 years – yes it’s been that long.  Lot’s has changed since I started in this field and not only has the industry changed but so have I.  For starters, I can no longer count the gray hair on my head and instead I spend my energy thankful that I have hair at all.  That same thought process can be applied to how the industry has grown and how relationships change overtime.  In the last ten years like everyone else I have made some mistakes and had some big wins.  Fortunately the net-net for me I am definitely ahead and winning more and more every day.  Below are some key’s to my success – some of which I learned the hard way and others have always just been part of my DNA.  Below is a brief list of items to make sure you are constantly aware of and in the coming weeks I will expand on each of them.

Add Value

Be Candid

It’s a Marathon not a Sprint

Be Honest

Find Relevance

Relationships 103 – keep expectations realistic

We’ve all been around long enough to know very well that a lot of people talk the talk and only a chosen few really walk the walk. This industry is full of heightened expectations and empty promises, missed meetings, no follow up, and flat out lies. Here’s a phrase of wisdom that will truly help you as you grow in this industry: keep expectations realistic. Be honest about what you can offer or deliver, trust me, slow steady growth is better than no growth!

When working with new clients and publishers make sure that you are clear about what you want, what you need, and what you can do. I find a lot of times people are embarrassed about not having the right creative or enough budget, or something else along those lines. Just tell me the truth and I will be happy, most times I will actually be able to help you solve the problem, get the creative built, or whatever it may be.

If you are upfront and straightforward with the people you work with, they will generally return the grace. Not always. Usually. Nevertheless it will always benefit you and the company you represent. If you have it, great. If you don’t have it or don’t understand just ask!

What’s Up World?

Sonny Palta

Hi everyone, Sonny here – one of the newest members of the team at CPA Nation.  I am thrilled to be working with a great team at an amazing company, and am looking forward to being a part of your success in affiliate marketing moving forward.

A little bit about myself:  I’m a 2009 graduate of the University of Miami (It’s All About The U!) and have been involved in affiliate marketing for about 6 months.  I currently am also an affiliate specializing in e-mail campaigns (if you need any advice feel free to reach out to me) which gives me a nice perspective from both sides of the ball in this industry.

Outside of work I enjoy sports and live music.  I’m a die-hard Hurricanes fan, and also follow Green Bay and the Miami Heat.  My dream job is to one day throw my own music festival, maybe even resurrect Langerado which used to be the annual festival here in South Florida.  In the meantime though I am ready to work hard and keep my shoulder to the wheel to achieve the financial goals I have set forth for myself.  As I said earlier, I am always willing and happy to help anyone who requests it!  Drop me a line:

It is a pleasure to meet everyone and I’m looking forward to being wildly successful with you all!



Meet Greg Paull


Hi I’m Greg Paull the newest member of the team here at CPANation! I’m originally from Indianapolis and a Purdue Boilermaker so I am little bit of an oddity down here in South Beach the headquarters of Latin America here in the US. I spent the first decade out of college as a race car electronics engineer and Team Manager of an IndyCar team while living in Indianapolis. About seven years ago I transplanted myself to South Beach Miami to get closer to the sun, water and athletic lifestyle. These days I find myself training for triathlons and passionate about eating healthy cooking for friends. I have traveled a lot of the world but can’t wait to see more and add to the already great friends I have made.

Vanessa D’

Vanessa D

Vanessa Doguiles is currently Iain Grae’s Executive Assistant.  She has been an Exectutive Assistant for 6 years now and has worked her way up from being a customer service representative, to business development officer, to accounts manager and operations manager for a number of bpo firms such as GE Money Servicing -Philippines, HSBC Philippines, Global 9 and TGSI.

She was born on April 20, 1983 and grew up in Manila with her parents who are both business merchandisers. She’s the youngest among 4 siblings and the pride of the family for being a consistent honor student since elementary to college. She achieved her degree in Mass Communication major in Journalism with flying colors in 2003.

 Currently, she is living with her fiance, and soon to be husband in Cavite, Philippines. She loves shopping and spa as well as having weekend vacation around the country’s tourist destinations and she dreams to travel around the world before her 40s.

Iain G’

celebrate the 4th with a patriotic red, white & blue mohawk

I am a laid back serial entrepreneur if that at all seems possible. I know when to work hard and when to take it easy. I take suggestions well but orders poorly. I’ve lived in big cities and small towns and definitely do not need all of the hustle in places like NYC. I enjoy spending my time creating value for my advertisers and affiliates.  This is a lifestyle business for me and I am interested in the long-term gain not short-term deals.  I want to create passive residual income for all those who surround me.

I am a constant learner.  In the last year I’ve studied NLP, Spanish, Singing, Music Production, various genres of online marketing and astronomy.  If you don’t find me working you’ll find me on a motocross track, at the gym, studying abroad (just got back from  6 weeks in Samara, Costa Rica) or out in South Beach with friends.


Business Building – bootstrap entrepreneur.
Online lead generation, Media arbitrage, Affiliate Management, Web Development, etc.
Film & Music Production
Motocross Racing


image for CPA

Until coming on board at CPA Nation I had always associated the letters CPA with certified public accountant. Fortunately, that’s not what we do as I would be bored to tears! For those with careers marketing on the internet CPA stands for Cost Per Action. Cost Per Action relates to performance based marketing. It is a revenue sharing model where a publisher, also known as an affiliate or reseller, gets paid only when action is taken by a consumer they bring to an advertisement (offer) which generates a lead or sale. For this action the publisher is given a commission. And hopefully they will make enough commissions that one day they will need CPA to do all their check deposits!

Mr. Brook Whitmore

brook whitmore

I was born and raised in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Went to elementary and high school there and attended Oberlin College. I majored in visual arts with a concentration in architecture and minored in political theory. I was a member of the Varsity baseball team and the Varsity swimming team.

After college I got a job working for a very well known architect (Michael Trapp – as a design apprentice in northwest Connecticut. It was the hardest job I’ve ever had in my life. The days were long and intense and my boss was the hardest working individual I have ever met so no matter how hard I worked it seemed he always worked harder. It was a very rich experience but by the end of my second year there I had decided I no longer wanted to be an architect.

I moved to NYC a couple of months later and got a job bartending at a little burlesque club in Soho called Corio. It was an awesome place and really has led me to the rest of my life so far. While I was working there I met a few of the people that have really shaped the last year and a half of my life (Notably Nikki and Iain). One of those people happened to be in the internet marketing advertising game and opened the door to me. I had no experience but was eager to learn and committed to making it work.

In December of 2009 I left NYC and headed out to Los Angeles where I live and work doing business development for CPA Nation. I am also a member of the Beverly Hills Playhouse, my most recent and notable appearance was in the movie When In Rome.

The Pitfalls of Going Direct

Pic 1 climbing for blog

I had a lot of questions when I started here at CPA Nation to say the least!  One of those areas I needed to understand right away was why Affiliates would not just try to make a direct relationship with the advertiser versus using CPA Nation.  To start with it’s about getting paid. From accounting problems to long and inconsistent payout periods going direct can create cash flow problems.  It is usually not in the company’s business model to have you go direct so the accounting can get all screwed up. At CPANation we base our business model an

d reputation on getting you paid accurately and on time. We use cutting edge software that insures this result with every offer.  Since we are experts in the field CPA Nation can negotiate superior contracted offers on your behalf. By leveraging our total volume of clients we can most often get you better payouts than you could on your own. While saving you precious time and from the pitfalls of going direct CPA Nation will help streamline your revenue making campaign. Not to mention free advice on offers anytime you need it!

Selling DataFeed


Everyone is out for the maximum payout on the minimum amount of work.  I love this offer, when I have a quality affiliate that  has the ability to do 200-500 leads a day on a zip submit.  But these offers are limited and the quality affiliate is as well, which is what pushed me into exploring more with data feed.  Majority of datafeed offers that are worth venturing into are fashion related.  So many online boutiques are veering away from handling the product and completely dealing with data feed.   When working with one product at a time you are opening up many possibilities of advertising with one item.  I have pitched to health and beauty blogs to run banner ads in addition too including datafeed in their daily information with a suggested outfit or product.  The fashion industry has really been opening there doors and a large majority of fashion blogs are excited and willing to include a bathing suit suggestion when they are doing a piece on how to stay fit.  Women are  huge impulse buyers and easily get sold on the glitz and glamour of an article or who’s wearing what.  Data feed is allowing bloggers, online boutiques and us to make money on the quick impulse buy.  And if  the customer is  satisfied you have  created a repeat purchaser and word of mouth advertising.

How to get more out of affiliate marketing

If you’re in affiliate marketing business and you want to set your sights on how to make it on top, you need to do it perfectly! To turn your business into success you must find ways on how to increase your pay.

Do you want to get the most out of affiliate marketing and actually start making money? There are three beneficial steps to take your path to riches. Site promotion, website conversions and article marketing are the three things you have to understand in this business.

Site.  This involves promoting your site. It’s a fact that 75% to 90 % of web visitors use the search engine to look for information that they need. Most often than not, visitors don’t have the web site addresses for the site that gives the information need, so they type away on search engines to help them. Therefore, it is very important that your site is listed not only in the search engines but it is listed on the top positions. If your web site is not in the top 30 results put back by a search engine then its close as to saying that your website is not listed at all.

The success of the business is greatly dependent on quality web traffic you get. If you get a great number of visitors, then there’s a big chance of getting more business increase! It is essential that you promote your website based on your target market. You need to place the ads and links at the right places. It is rather very evident that the promotion of your website is very important as if it will decide the future of your business.

Website Conversion. It is the percentage of total visitors who come to your website and complete a desired action. So for example, if there are 100 visitors who visited your website today and there were about 15 purchases made, the conversion rate would be 15%.

Make your site accessible. Make sure that it works in common browsers, and make your calls to action clear and unambiguous, and you should be in a position to start converting the people who want to buy. A good site also includes information. Information helps the user in their buying process. This is the key to make money as an affiliate because you don’t want to send thousands of visitors to your website and just get a sale of one or two.

You may not have realized yet but driving conversions is one of the most important things that your website can do to help you build your business.

Article. In terms of marketing, credibility is very important. People should feel that you know what you are talking about.  By putting time and effort into your business, and with so many articles out there – you clearly show that you know what you are talking about. There are various article marketing strategies you should use to improve your online presence. The important thing is to have as many articles as possible all over the internet. The use of articles serves as an advertisement. So, the more articles you’ve got the better for your business. Write concisely and in a conversational tone. Always include your name, web address and your unique selling offer. Talk about as to why people should visit your website and buy from you.

Why good content is important for every website

Two thirds of the whole population of America alone go online and use the internet to various reasons, maybe to communicate, research, have fun, learn or probably for a business. Website is just like any other advertisement that you see on paper, television or radio. It is there to promote something. 

The use of websites has been one of the most effective tools to promote an idea, product or a service. Think of just millions of surfers everyday who go online to search for information, to buy something, or just to enjoy and have fun. You can keep them if your website has what it takes when it comes to content! A good content can turn those millions of users into millions of potential customers!

Now, when I say good content it should offer something unique and different, highly entertaining, thought provoking and well-researched. Since you are speaking to a wide range of people with different age, culture and background, you use should be clear, concise and easy to understand. To survive in the world of affiliate marketing it is very important that you take the internet users’ attention to your website. The content is what you are selling! A good content is what attracts and bonds an internet user to a certain website.  Good content is also what sets you apart from other websites and to be on top of your competitors. 

The importance of having a good content on your website can bring wonders to your business! Have a picture in mind of a visitor who might be browsing just for any reason and landed to your website, now, if that visitor finds your website content uninteresting and poor, the tendency is for that visitor to leave your site and look for the next available website.  On the other hand, if that visitor thinks that your website is useful and well-written, you’ll get someone who will hit the site regularly and who might refer your website to other users. Visitors of your website may also increase in number if they find your web content credible. You can also discuss various niche topics so that this may mean that you are an expert in that matter. This may result of having people recommending your website, which is also an advantageous way to promote your website. And good promotion of your website can bring you good sales.

                SEO doesn’t rely on pictures but on content. The content of your website can get you a ranking. And as we all know, the higher ranking is what we are all aiming for.

The content of your website can make or break you.  The content is the key to a successful website and marketing. Using a good content can build your reputation, can create a lasting credibility and provide information that may serve others.

How to use social networks like Twitter and Facebook to generate traffic

Many people these days use social media as a mean of advertising of their products or services. With the use of social media like Facebook and Twitter, you can do promotion of your business online at no cost.
Facebook and Twitter are only two of the most popular social networking sites nowadays and continue to gain more followers each day. According to stats, Facebook has 500 million active users and ranks at number one as a source of traffic to global websites that is 48% of Social Media hits. Twitter, on the other hand, makes up 10% of social media.
Using social media is the easiest and cheapest way to market your business and eventually get generate traffic to your website. With the use of social network, you can also adapt to your target market.
Advertising your business thru social networking has the potential to grow if you just know how to do it right.
• Set up a business profile account on a social media site and customize your page. Make it interesting and appealing to your target market. Give enough details so that they’ll know where to reach you. Also, make sure that your account is in public category so that everyone can view your account. Upload photos and videos that will market your product even more.
• Add “Like” or “Re-tweet” button to your website. This will help you to promote your website more when your visitors share it with their friends.
• Make your posts and tweets as interesting as possible because this will draw attention to your website. You can also gain fans and followers because if people find it useful and interesting. Keep your posts and tweets catchy and full of value. Leave valuable comments and reviews to others posts as well.
• Build a network. Establish relationships with your friends. Reply to their posts as well because this will bring traffic to your site. Make friendships with strangers, join groups or create groups.
• Mix advertising and just regular posting about your business. This is to keep you away you from being tagged as a spam and people will be interested in you thus generating more traffic.
• Provide a link to your blog from your Twitter page and vice versa for branding reasons. If you have other social networking accounts, invite your followers to join you on those sites also.
• Link as many tweets or posts as possible to your site that promotes your business. Use TinyURL to shorten each link’s length and meet Twitter’s 140 character limit.
• Post or twit of the latest trend in the field of your business so you can build a reputation which will draw pull out regular visitors who potentially can become your future customers.
• Draw the line between too friendly and too salesy.

The Secrets of Google Page Rank

Google Page rank is based on backlinks. Backlinks are links to a site from other websites on the internet. The number of back links signifies how popular or important your website is. Back links are equally important to search engine optimization. Like Google and any other search engines, they will give more credit to the websites that have a good number of back links. So, the more back links you have the higher your Page Rank will be. Remember that search engine’s algorithm can differentiate the links leading to your site.

There are good quality links that can greatly contribute to your link building efforts, and there are also bad ones. To become effective in driving more traffic you have to know which backlinks can give your site the better rank in search engines. Now, what can you get if your website has a higher page rank? It means credibility and you basically meet one of the top criteria of a good website! Here are some helpful tips on how to influence a good page rank. Best ways to get back links?

Unique content creation. Simply make sure that your site has quality content. If one finds you site a helpful resource and authentic, this will keep them visiting your website or maybe referring your site to their friends too.

Provide Backlinks. These are the incoming links from another site to your site. This is trying to tell Google that the site has a good content. The best way to increase page rank is to get good back links.

Join Forums. Joining forums is the fastest way to achieve links to your website. It is advisable that you join forums related to your site’s subject matter. In most forums you are allowed to have a signature. If so, you can put a link to your site in your signature.

Publish articles. Come up with useful and informative articles. Articles can be a great way to generate new traffic therefore increasing your backlinks. You can include your signature in your article. You can publish your own article sin your website or allow people to download it for free.

Submit to search engine directories. A good way of getting a free link to your website is thru search engine directories. Most search engines directories will allow you to post to their website for free. This is just a way of advertising your site. An article in one or all of these directories can get you some nice back links to your website. This will increase your web presence by being listed on another search engine.

Getting high quality backlinks to your site can really get you in increasing your Google Page Rank. Once you achieve a high Google page rank this an advantage over your online competitors.

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